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Mobile Workflow

Posted: Mon May 21, 2018 8:21 pm
by minniev
Here is another installment of my ever-developing mobile workflow, invented at my Sallis house but for the purpose of traveling further afield as well. I will be using some version of it when I go to British Columbia in July. This isn’t about a great image (it isn’t) but about the steps to create it.

I shot this late yesterday in the forest, attracted by the light sneaking through the canopy, which is pretty dense.

I have an iPad Pro 2, with plenty of memory, and wifi capacity only. I use a rugged ZAGG folio keyboard/case for easy typing but the tablet snaps in and out very easily.

Workflow involved:
-Shooting with my usual camera in raw as always.
-Downloading to the ipad with a little tablet-specific card reader no bigger than the SD card itself. I leave the photos on the card for my backup.
-Auto import into LRCC, where I do basic editing for my usual corrections: crop, shadows/highlights/contrast/color balance/vibrancy/clarity.
-I may take the image into the connected Adobe tools PS Mix, PS Fix if I need their tools, especially for healing/cloning. I use an Apple Pencil for small detail that fingers won’t work for.
- I also save the image back into the ipad’s Photos app for cataloguing, easy exporting, and for access to other applications like Pixelmator which allows for layers, Snapseed, which is Nik Color Efex mobile version, Distressed FX which allows me to use my beloved textures. Once done, I save back into Photos and LRCC.
- For posting on the forum, or Facebook, I use lower resolution edits for reasons I’ll explain next; the ipad makes it easy to choose an image to add to a post.
- I have no internet in Sallis. But I have unlimited data on my phone plan. So I create a wifi hotspot to connect the tablet to. My phone service is sketchy here, seldom more than one bar, so uploads are slow. But it works.
- I don’t know yet whether my photos will be waiting for me in LR when I get home to my big computer, but if not, they’ll load quickly on my fast wireless connection while I’m doing the laundry, and will be ready for me when I’m ready for them.

This gives me a simplified workflow that is easily mobile.

Re: Mobile Workflow

Posted: Sat Jun 09, 2018 7:12 pm
by St3v3Murray
Your journey has been helpful and will get us out there more! Thank you for keeping us with you! S-