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Image ProcessingChuck Haacker's Lightroom Workflow as of March 2018 (Join In!)

Post-processing: Editing techniques, software, hardware and other resources. Chemical or digital.
From simple corrections to multi-layered edits, actions, tone mapping and more.
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Re: Chuck Haacker's Lightroom Workflow as of March 2018 (Join In!)

Post by St3v3Murray »

Duck wrote:
Mon Jun 11, 2018 3:35 am
You are not the only person to ever mention feeling like this. There are two methods of using presets; method one is to automate repeated tasks and method two is to use presets to get the bulk of an effect done so it only needs a little tweaking after. I am not a fan of the latter.

Like Minnie, I have an import preset which is a combination of two develop presets I use on every single image, regardless of subject, lighting or anything else about the image. Like most presets I use, these came about through experience and paying close attention to my workflow. I have tweaked it twice since initially creating it, each time modifying it just a little bit. I have a collection of develop presets for specific tasks that allows me to one click the task rather than opening up the appropriate panel, scrolling down to slider, making the adjustment and closing the panel. I also have a bunch of export presets that allows me to maintain consistency with my output.

This coming Thursday I am doing an Introduction to Lightroom Classic lecture for my local camera shop. Here is one of my slides dealing with workflow.
There are a couple of steps I do for most photos so I get that, but they are easy enough to do by hand, for now. Thank you!

The more we learn the more we know! S-
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