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― Scapes CritiqueCityscape - Jackson Square at 10 Past 7

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Re: Cityscape - Jackson Square at 10 Past 7

Post by minniev »

St3v3M wrote:
Tue Dec 04, 2018 7:51 am
This is one of the iconic shots in NOLA and I love that you included the people to give it dimension. It must have been early to have missed the horse and buggy drivers, and I can only wonder how high up you were on the steps.

As a side, I won a bet standing there, well sort of. A shoeshine boy spotted me as an obvious tourist and said he'd bet me he could tell me how old my shoes were, or something like that, and he got it wrong. The surprising thing was how disappointed he looked after.

I love this spot and could only get to it late in the day. I'm sure I have that image somewhere? S-
The gates to the square are opened at 8 and that's when the horse and buggy guys usually show up. They know most tourists are not early risers. We were on the platform at the top of the stairs, which looks out over the levee to the river on the other side.

The shoe riddle is a NOLA classic.
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