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People CritiqueThe begining of another day in Delhi

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Matt Quinn
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Re: The begining of another day in Delhi

Post by Matt Quinn » Wed Oct 25, 2017 10:21 pm

Thanks,Graham. I prefer this crop. I did notice the legs on the skinny guy and also the wrinkles on his chubby cousin, all conveying motion. I enjoy the group on the bottom left, partial arm and all, and the overlord with the belly supervising, the curving line of the disintegrating road linking the two sides of the photo, and the area below skinny, almost a platform for a statue. Wonderful and exotic tableau. Thanks for replying. I admire your work a great deal. BTW, are there any pigeon-toed people in India? Matt
Matt Quinn

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Post by St3v3M » Mon Nov 06, 2017 3:41 pm

Graham Smith wrote:Linda, 2016 was my first visit to India so I have been taking photographs there from the beginning :)

I'm lucky in that I can quickly settle into a new environment and that we spent much time with local people. We didn't stay in swanky hotels but we the type of hotels that, shall we say middle class Indians would use (3 star but forget what 3 stars means to you). That meant that I was always in the older parts of the cities, I used to get up early in the morning to wander the streets alone and photograph things my way before having to do all of the "official" stuff we were there for.

I fell in love with India and it's people.

I love this. Having been to a few third-worlds I know this scene well and the reality of the moment. Beautiful! S-
"Take photographs, leave footprints, steal hearts"

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