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READ FIRST: Posting workshop info

Post by Duck »

Listing your workshop

When listing your workshop make sure the post title mentions the state and region or town so other members can find you. Then add what the workshop is and when. Do Not list your post with just the workshop name. The workshop is irrelevant if someone does not reside in your area. For larger states be a little more specific, ie;
  • NW Texas D-FW area
  • San Francisco Bay Area
  • Wyoming-Converse
The description should be short and to the point. A longer description can be done inside the post itself, ie;
  • Beginner studio lighting
  • Advanced model shoot
  • Photographing flowers
Finally, don't forget the date. Short format is preferred.

I.e.: NW Texas, D-FW area-Beginner studio lighting-5/21/15.

List relevant information

You don't need to write an extensive report but it should have all the basic info; address, hours, rates and, most definitely, a website address where members can gain additional information.

Update as needed

Don't just post it and forget it. If something changes for your workshop make sure it gets changed in your listing. cancellations, rain dates, hours, rates... all these things can change at a moment's notice. Respect those whose might be coming to attend.

After the event you can use your post to share conversations about the workshop with your attendees. When finished please ask a moderator to lock the post. Old post will be automatically locked periodically.


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