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Photography DiscussionHappy New Year Everyone, and A Happy pM To All!

Photography related discussions with a slant towards learning and understanding the art and craft of photography
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Happy New Year Everyone, and A Happy pM To All!

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Hello and welcome to a pM New Year!

If 2017 was The Year Of Growing then 2018 is The Year Of Learning!

Before we step into our future I want to say a Big Thank You to everyone who has taken a leap of faith and really made this forum special, please take a bow! There is one here though who has done the heavy lifting and made all this possible. Everyone give it up for Duck! A friend, a gentleman, and our hero!

First and foremost, what do you all think of the new look? It’s clean, simple, easy to use, and there are so many neat little tricks. There are more changes to come, but that’s kind of our thing here. May we never stop evolving, not only on the site but in our own art as well!

We have a strong group and I’m proud of the content we’ve made but 2018 is going to step it up. You don’t have to do anything different, but I’m going to challenge you to Be More. Don’t worry, we’re all going to be right here with you through the hard times and the good, and like any family, we’ll be stronger for it.

I have one thought for you in the coming year, it’s a personal challenge and one only you can claim for yourself. If I were to offer any advice, it would be to allow yourself to try. Try something new, try something different, and try something that scares you. You have to want this, and accept this deep within, but I promise you it will be worth it. Just Try It!

Here’s a list of the things we have in store for The Year Of Learning –
- Discussions: Masters, Learn And Shares, and others
- Challenges: 30-Days, Edit My Shot, and others
- Projects: 52-week, 365-days, personal, and others
- Tutorials: anything and everything
- Games: Duck's, Paula's, and more

We’re also going to do something special for those who want to develop their artistic selves into something more. Think of this as business-building or simply leaving your legacy in good hands. To do this we will step into project-based activities where we can learn how to:
- make a portfolio
- submit images to contests
- submit images to galleries
- write grant proposals
- learn how to start a business

And there’s still more!
- let’s talk about Social Media and how to use it
- and did we mention the pM Meet Up in October?

Do want more? Then let’s make more! Do you want to try it all? Then let’s do it all!

This is The Year Of Learning! This is your year, this is what you’ve made, this is a thank you to each of you! Now let’s get learning, and start promoting the site so we can help others learn as well. This is The Year Of Yes I Can!

Happy New Year Everyone, and A Happy pM To All! S-
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