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30 Day: Rule Of Thirds

Posted: Mon Jan 01, 2018 8:00 am
by pmAdmin
30 Day: Rule Of Thirds is the first of 12 Challenges You Can Try as 30-Day Projects.

We've all heard about the Rule Of Thirds, now is the time to break it!

If the Rule Of Thirds is defined as "The rule of thirds is applied by aligning a subject with the guide lines and their intersection points, placing the horizon on the top or bottom line, or allowing linear features in the image to flow from section to section." then this challenge is about finding different ways to place the subject in the most pleasing way.

The rules are simple.
- Title your topic 'Your Name' 30 Day: Rule Of Thirds
- Post one image a day for 30 days
- And follow the challenge above

The following links are about the Rule Of Thirds, your challenge is to break it.
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YouTube: The Rule of Thirds and others to the right

These may help.
10 Myths About the Rule of Thirds
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Good luck!