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Re: Book in the Works

Post by St3v3Murray »

Ernst-Ulrich Schafer wrote:
Tue Nov 06, 2018 1:27 am
Hi Everyone, I'm starting to pursue all of my photo files and have created a book folder. I'm going to create a "Go Fund Me" page around March of next year and my goal
is to have my lst book of BW photos published by Oct/Nov of 2019. Any insights would be quite helpful. Thanks, Ernst

Right now I'm leaning towards a 8X10 size, with 100 images. 100 Hard Bound copies and in the 250 Soft Bound copies. Will be looking into the printing company that
LensWork Quarterly uses.
A book of your private collection would be amazing! Please feel free to document the process! S-
"Take photographs, leave footprints, steal hearts"

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