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Monthly Masters DiscussionMonthly Masters' Discussion - April 2020 - Two Images Reflecting Our Current Plight

Hosted by MinnieV
A monthly discussion on people who have influenced photography, directly or indirectly.
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Monthly Masters' Discussion - April 2020 - Two Images Reflecting Our Current Plight

Post by minniev »


This month is different from any other, so this month’s Master’s discussion will be different, too.

These are not iconic images by famous masters. In fact, I am not sure who the photographer was for the first image which was shot two days ago in New York and distributed through Getty and ABC. I tried to find images that might capture the situation we now find ourselves in as Americans and citizens of the blue planet as a whole.

The first image is a journalistic shot of the USNS Comfort, as it sailed to into the harbor of New York City, past the Statue of Liberty. Comfort brings a much needed 1000 bed full service hospital to provide support for the unbelievable health disaster New York has reached before the rest of us.

The second image is a digital painting by North Carolina artist Cynthia Decker entitled “The Introvert”. (The pandemic has turned almost all of us into introverts whether or not that was our original personality type.) Though trained in traditional painting, Decker has created her artwork digitally since the days of the Apple II computer. She says she creates her art as visual stories open to the interpretation of the viewer.

There are no references this time. We are simply asking you to consider these two images, and offer your response to either of them, or both. Here’s a few questions just to spur your thinking.

Questions for Consideration of either or both of these images
What do you make of the composition? The use of color? Does the image tell a story? Is it memorable? Would you want to own it or look at it more than once?
Does one of the images speak more to you about the current crisis? Which one and why?
What is the value of art in a time of life threatening crisis?
Have you seen or made an image that speaks strongly to the current crisis? If so, please share it or link it for others to appreciate.
fair use: https://abc14news.com/2020/03/30/pictures-usns-comfort-hospital-ship-arrives-in-new-york-city/
fair use: https://abc14news.com/2020/03/30/pictures-usns-comfort-hospital-ship-arrives-in-new-york-city/
fair use: https://cynthia-decker.pixels.com/
fair use: https://cynthia-decker.pixels.com/
"God gave me photography so that I could pray with my eyes" - Dewitt Jones

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