Photo Mentoris

Possible renewal of a site than went dark for a long time.

Site Origins
Photomentoris started with the intent of matching seasoned photographers with 'younger' photographers of all level.

It worked for a while. It slowly became unmanageable; in addition to that, the membership stagnated.

One of the issue was technical, as the forum software database became bloated. While we received help from a programmer, the issue was never fully solved.

When I was asked if I could take it over, I said yes, unaware that other projects will take most of my time. I ran into several issues once I was the 'webmaster'.

The most important is that some areas were still off limit as an admin, which did not make things any easier. I was loath to start from scratch, so I kept the DBase for a long time, as a backup. In addition to that, I was giving access to the 'social media accounts'. I had the login names, the passwords but when it came to verification by phone, it was impossible.

This did not encourage me to push hard toward a resolution, since no one came to help when I asked for it.

Recently, I came up with an idea/solution. I am about to create a meetup group that hopefully will allow me to match folks to mentor others without the local limit, as Meetup is really for in person meeting.

About the forum... A simple solution to the DBase bloating and bandwidth used, all images will be links to the poster existing storage site.

► Server side:
  Size on server and Dbase is reduced to the bare essentials.
  Bandwidth used is limited
► User side
  A person posting an image can remove it at will by simply deleting or changing the name on their side.
  The forum has no claim of ownership for any reason, as it simply uses a link and does not store any image. The only claim is the right to display the image, limited by the user willingness to leave his or her image linked.
► Server side: None
► User reader side: Disappearing images can destroy a thread, in which case the thread will be deleted as needed.

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