Photo Mentoris

Possible renewal of a site than went dark for a long time.


Photo Mentoris forum will have a limited number of forums at first. This will expand as needed.

Tutors will have their own private channels accessible only to their pupils and admins.

Please note that this is not a forum to simply display your work.

Open-ended of discussion over an image is encouraged as a mean to progress. Blanket statements such as 'great work' will be systematically removed, as they mean strictly nothing.

A gallery of the best result, after using the forum tutor's instructions, will be populated by the mentor using the tutee's work.
Planned sections

As I see it, I am looking at a serious limitation of sections within the forum.

1 Photography, the main one as it involves more than just pushing a button.

2 Post processing. This is also important in order to exploit a camera full potential.

3 Mentoring. The number of section there can multiply as each mentor will have his/her own section.

4 Gallery. This is not a gallery for appreciation or kudos, but one made to give an honest feedback. This means that if you like something say why, if not the comment may stroke someone's ego but offers nothing of interest. These comments will be systematically deleted w/o warning.

I do not see the point of creating any specialized section for the time being.

Please contact me to provide me with your ideas.
Forum promotion

To jump start the forum, I intend to create a social group on Meetup. This is normally a local 'real life' meet with like-minded folks. My hope is to by-pass the real-life-in-person limitation as quickly as possible.
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